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Summer Break: Read, Learn, Explore: Team

Learn about Summer Break

The Summer Break Team needs you!!

Summer Break is one of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s largest systemwide initiatives and it requires year-round planning. The team’s goal is to plan and implement the Library’s Summer Learning program, combining traditional reading with learning activities. 

There are many different roles and responsibilities on the team, allowing you to show off your strengths and learn new skills! As a team member you could work on Incentives and Prizes, Training, Marketing and Publicity, Communications, and more.

If you would like to apply and have your supervisor’s approval, please email Larisa Martin, and Kristi Atkins with your interest.


Team Member


Email Address

Phone Number

Larisa Martin (MS) Lead 704-416-5003

Kristi Atkins (MS)

Lead 704-416-5021
Sara Jarrell (AWR) Training subteam lead and Incentives & prizes subteam 704-416-3024

Tiffany Grantham (WBL)

Marketing, Publicity, and Communications and Training Subteams 704-416-7311

Annie Holleran (IMG)

Marketing, Publicity, and Communications Subteam and Incentives & Prizes Subteams 704-416-4671

Miciah Bennett (SPK)

Marketing, Publicity, and Communications Subteam and Incentives & Prizes Subteams 704-416-5612
Michelle Burkheimer (HG)  Access Services Liason 704-416-4400
Emily Nanney (Associate Director – Programs) Summer Break Team Sponsor 704-416-4639
Chantez Neymoss (Senior Program Manager- Adult)  Incentives Subteam 704-416-0129
Jesse Isley (Senior Program Manager – Children's)  Incentives Subteam 704-416-4609
Holly Summers-Gil (Senior Program Manager – Teen)  Incentives Subteam 704-416-4661
Keisha Portis (Digital Experiences Director) Website Subteam/Beanstack Guru 704-416-0623
Kayla Gibson (Web Admin) Website Subteam/Beanstack Guru 704-416-0101
Martha Yesowitch (Community Partnerships Manager) Marketing Subteam 704-416-0625

Darrell Anderson (Marketing & Communications Specialist, Programs)

Marketing Subteam 704-416-0701
Marie Harris (Community/Neighborhood Library Manager) Branch Leader Liason 704-416-4001

Every year we make changes and improvements to Summer Break.  

The feedback we receive from participants and staff is always vital as the program evolves.


There are several options for submitting comments and suggestions:  

Participants can use the feedback form through the "Contact Us" link on the Beanstack website

OR “Contact the Library” on the challenge overview page.  

Staff can email Larisa Martin, or Kristi Atkins directly to make suggestions on how to improve the program or ask questions regarding how the program works.

OR Participate as a Summer Break Branch Lead or join the Summer Break Team! These are great ways to make suggestions and help to improve the program.