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Summer Break: Read, Learn, Explore: Stories of Impact

Learn about Summer Break

Customers can submit a Story of Impact by:

-Emailing (staff can also submit here)

-Submitting a web form on Beanstack 

-Filling out a printed form and turning it in to a staff member


"I’m so thankful for the library. We have enjoyed it so much through the years and are thankful for the adaptations for this summer. We have already downloaded from the suggested reading lists for the summer.” 

-Amy Gallagher (NCO Customer) from SB20

A Summer Break Group at Simpson Gillespie United Methodist Church completed Summer Break. Logistics staff Jeff Highfill delivered their Summer Break children’s book prizes. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I pulled into parking lot at the church and backed into a space. I think the backing-up “beep…beep…beep” warning sound built some enthusiasm in the adults and kids at the summer daycare or Bible school. They opened the door before I could knock. They were especially welcoming in their greetings and said they were expecting my arrival. Felt a small bit like Santa Claus must feel. Not really sure what I actually delivered, but I think it is a credit to the adults/teachers at the church that they had obviously created a nice sense of anticipation in their kids – for books and reading, I suppose, since they were so excited to the see the Library van.” 

-From SB20

"Great job on the Summer Break program. I am short on words on how very much impressed I am with the structure, ease of use and value the program brings. Kudos to the team for bringing such to the city. As parents of a 7yr old and being a duo highly involved in technology/product development/startup we have been involved with a lot of tech projects. The Summer Break program is well executed and has a tremendous wow factor. Thrilled to be enrolled and a participant. Keep up the awesome job, your team rocks!"

-From SB19

Download the half-sheet and full page forms below!

“My daughter participated last year and increased her reading level. She was really excited about this year because she’s always motivated by how many hours she’s tracked. It helps her see growth and it makes her excited to read.”

- Alexis Thorpe (AWR customer) From SB19

Caroline has been a library regular for several years and frequently attended Lego club programs pre-pandemic. She needs to read at least 30 minutes a day for her school assignment this summer, and she’s been using Summer Break to keep track of her reading, sometimes reading much more than her 30-minute goal! Caroline’s a big Dog Man fan, but since she’s already read all of those books, she opted for a Princess in Black book for her prize: the perfect complement to her “Strong Girls Rule” t-shirt. 

-Michelle (COR) From SB21

Lynn Helms is also a long-time customer/book lover. She stopped by today to leave her log sheet with me. It was filled with so many titles and activities she's completed over the last several weeks. She was extremely pleased with being offered the chance to participate (and to have help logging her hours in Beanstack). She said it taught her that "Perfect is never as good as just good enough." She was referring to the little things in life that often get overlooked or taken for granted. Things like planting a few flower seeds or taking time to talk and reconnect with someone you hadn't seen in a while. 

-Alice Araiza (IB) From SB21