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Summer Break: Read, Learn, Explore: FAQ

Learn about Summer Break

Have a question about Summer Break? It might be answered here!

If not- reach out to, ask your SBBL, or reach out to a team member with your question.


What are the dates for Summer Break 2023?

This years challenge runs from June 1-July 31, 2023. 

Pre-registration begins on May 15, 2023.

How do I complete Summer Break? 

Readers ages 5 and up: 

Earn 1200 points total, at least 600 points must come from reading time (10 hours).​

No activities are required to complete.

Example: 800 points from reading and 400 points from activities = completion​

               550 points from reading and 1200 points from activities = no completion​


Wee Readers (ages 0-4): 

Wee Readers will complete the program by completing a BINGO board and reading at least 5 hours.

The BINGO board can be completed using Beanstack or a paper form.

What counts as reading? You can read anything that you would like! This includes comic books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, and more.
I completed the challenge early, what should I do now?  Congratulations on completing the challenge! Keep reading and help us to meet our community reading goal of 10 million minutes!
 A customer has a question/comment/concern/suggestion about Summer Break. How do they submit it?

There are two options for submitting comments and suggestions:  

Customers can use the feedback form through the "Contact Us" link on the Beanstack website 


“Contact the Library” on the challenge overview page.  

Can the same email address be used for multiple accounts? No. Each account requires a unique email address. Only group accounts will allow for multiple groups under one account creator email address. 
I participated in Community Read this year. Do I need to create a new account on Beanstack for Summer Break? 

No! Beanstack accounts are not deleted because we use it year-round for multiple challenges!

Login with your username or email and password and you will be able to join the current Summer Break challenge.

What prizes can I earn this year?

Registration: Everyone earns a Wendy's Jr Frosty coupon and a Charlotte FC sticker! 


Mid-Level: Ages 5 to 17 will earn a sports flyer (frisbee) once they have earned 600 points.

Adults will earn a magnetic bookmark when they have earned 600 points.

Ages 0-4 will earn their completion prize at 600 points. There will not be a mid-level prize for Wee Read because their program requires only half the reading and activities of ages 5 and up. 



Babies & Children can earn a book or water bottle.

Preteens & Teens can earn a book or water bottle.

Adults can earn a water bottle, drawstring bag, or notebook with a pen.

*Children and teen completers with a valid library card number (including One Access) will be entered into a drawing for a 4-pack of tickets to a Charlotte FC game. There will be one winner drawn per branch.*

*The Top 20 readers between the ages of 5-17 (regardless of branch) will be given the opportunity to tour the stadium. Date has not been finalized.*


Prizes can be picked up starting June 1, 2023 at all branch locations, and are available while supplies last.

Can I earn fine waivers this year? The Library has gone fine free as of July 1, 2021, so fine waivers are no longer offered as prizes for Summer Break. To learn more about the Library going fine free go to
The Library had Carowinds tickets as prizes in the past. Will they be a prize this year? Thank you for inquiring about the Library's partnership with Carowinds! Carowinds tickets are not offered as prizes for Summer Break 2023.


Can staff participate in Summer Break? 

Yes! We encourage it! 

Staff will participate using their CMLibrary email address.

Family members of staff will have to create a separate account with another email address to participate in the challenge. 

Staff must complete the challenge to earn a prize. Contact your SBBL to collect your prize, they will redeem it in Beanstack.

Staff members and their immediate family members are not eligible for the Charlotte FC tickets.  

I don't have administrative access on Beanstack. What do I do?

All staff will have "Staff Plus" access on Beanstack. [If you have Admin Access you have this.]

*Returning Staff*: If for some reason your account does not have admin access, email to receive admin privileges. 

*New Staff*: Create your account using your CMLibrary email address and then email requesting admin privileges. 

I can't remember my password. How do I reset it?

Reach out to a Summer Break Team member directly or to have your password reset. 

Once they've done so, you should be able to log into your account with your email and the password: beanstack

Once you are logged into your account, you can change your password by following these steps:

•Click the “Settings” or “gear” icon at the top right-hand corner.

•Select “Edit Account”

•Scroll down to input a new password more than 6 characters long

I have a question/comment/suggestion about Summer Break. Who do I tell? 

Staff can email Angela Arnold, Larisa Martin, or Kristi Atkins directly to make suggestions on how to improve the program or ask questions regarding how the program works.

You can also use the “questions” link on the Summer Break FOREWORDnet page

Can staff earn a prize for completing the challenge? 

Yes! Once staff have completed the challenge they will have the option of a black Summer Break t-shirt or one of the public prizes. 

Staff will fill out the form on the Incentives tab of this LibGuide to claim their prize. The Summer Break Team will mark your prize as redeemed in Beanstack and ensure you receive the prize.