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Summer Break: Read, Learn, Explore: Groups

Learn about Summer Break

What is a group? 

A group is 2 or more users who do not live in the same household who participate together.

 Examples: summer camps, daycare centers, book clubs, senior living facilities

How will I pick up/receive my prizes for my group? 

This is decided on a group by group basis between the outreach contact and group leader.

Group sites have 2 options for obtaining prizes:   

A group leader can come into a location to collect them.  


Outreach contact can deliver prizes to the location. 

Are groups eligible for prizes this year?

Groups are eligible for all prizes this year.

When you distribute prizes to groups be sure to attach the group sign up flyer to the Frosty coupon and the group completion flyer to any completion incentives.

Do we all have to read the same book?

No, feel free to read whatever title you’d like.  You can read a book, magazine, comic book, and even listen to an audiobook.

Can I log for the whole group at once?

Yes! Check out the groups informational video to learn how to do this. 

What happens if some people finish and others don't?

We encourage groups to log reading and activities that they do together such as circle time, quiet reading time, or book club books, so that everyone finishes together. You do not need to worry about group members who were absent for a particular day.

If group members want to log reading and activities that they do on their own at home we encourage them to sign up for an individual or family account.

Can more than one person manage a group account?

Only the Account Creator can manage the account, but the Account Creator can share their login information with others if they choose to.

Do I have to have a library card to register my group?


A library card is not required to participate in Summer Break or to earn any of the prizes for 2023.

Can one organization have more than one group?

Yes! Register your first class or group, and then click on the drop down on the top left of the screen, or the gear on the top right, and choose “Add a Group.” 

For example, Sunshine Daycare can register their toddler class and their preschool class as 2 groups and access them both from one login.