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First Grade Resources: Home

Resources and support for first grade students

Library Reopening Info

Click here for more information regarding the library's reopening plan. We can't wait to see you!

First grade is an important grade level for your child! Your child will make the most reading growth in this grade and will transition to reading and writing independently. Help your first grader read independently by learning phonics strategies to read one and two syllable words. Your child should be exposed to a variety of books, including books that tell stories and books that give information. Your child will become a writer in first grade as well! Help your child improve by practicing writing in complete sentences legibly with capital and lowercase letters. Your first grader will enjoy lots of encouragement and will benefit from breaking up their activities and work into smaller segments. Your child should be able to ask questions to understand and should be able to build on another’s comments to explain his or her own ideas and feelings.