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Second Grade Resources: Lexile Levels

Resources and recommendations for second grade students

Lexile Levels

The EL Education curriculum uses Lexile levels to indicate the complexity of the texts that will be used in each module. This can be confusing to parents and caregivers who may not be familiar with this system. Texts are assigned a Lexile level based on word difficulty and sentence complexity. While the goal is finding books that your child is interested in and excited to read, Lexile levels can be helpful in making sure they are reading literature appropriate to their ability, in terms of vocabulary and comprehension. Keep in mind that when texts are read aloud to second grade students in class, the Lexile level is usually two to three grade levels higher than what they are capable of reading independently.

Luckily, it is possible to filter books in the Library’s catalog by Lexile level, and you can learn how to do so here.

Searching the Catalog

Lexile Levels Chart